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Blackhand defeated! Thanks to everyone who participated in all of our efforts!
7/7H! Impregnator is done! Its on to Mythic!!!
Leadership opportunities are also available! Please speak with GM Matt for additional details.
Conquest News & Updates

Killed Archimonde last night, yay!

Killed Socrethar last night, too, yay!

Currently in need of healers. Preferably a non-Priest. Range DPS are also welcome. 

Working on Manneroth normal right now. Managed to drop him to below 30% with a few good looks at phase 4. In heroic, we cleared out Kilrogg and have started work on Gorefiend.

Recruiting needs

  • Shadow priest
  • Warlock
  • Holy paladin
  • Mistweaver monk
  • Resto shaman

It's been a long time since our last update. With the release of Patch 6.2, we've started making headway into Hellfire Citadel. We're currently 9/13 normal mode after two nights of progression and can use your help as we build our roster back up to a mythic level! 

Recruiting needs

  • Resto Druid
  • Holy Paladin
  • Mistweaver Monk
  • DPS Warrior
  • DPS Druid
  • Warlocks
  • Mages

Of course, other classes and roles are strongly encouraged to apply. 

The guild transfer has been complete. You should all have received an in-game mail indicating our move to US-Kel'Thuzad.

Population and trade chat here is incredibly vibrant. Alwynh's been hard at work the whole day advertising and recruiting and we've had numerous interest. Hopefully, you'll be seeing the results of that shortly. Looking forward to getting back to work and rebuilding! 

Qixnaru The link in the in-game message doesn't seem to work. And why can't I see the server move thread?
Gneisha I'm gonna roll an alt over there ...

Effective immediately, Conquest Gaming is ceasing all World of Warcraft raiding operations. The community will be shifting it’s resources and attention to mobile gaming title, Clash of Clans.


“The reality is that this expansion has been one of the most brutal in terms of attrition. It continues to be difficult in recruiting and retaining talent due to the shifting priorities that players encounter especially with regards to school, family, and work obligations. By that same token, we really enjoyed (or in Matt’s case, really tolerated) each other’s company and like playing games with each other.

World of Warcraft raiding has evolved now to the point where it’s almost a requirement to have a strong stable of alts. It’s also difficult to keep track of where bosses are on the map and the latest raid, Blackrock Foundry, can be a navigational challenge for those navigationally-challenged. When top 100 guilds decide to take a step back, you know something’s up. When even the well-decorated Blood Legion throws in the towel, it forces you to re-think priorities, goals, and expectations.

At least with a title like Clash of Clans, all players need is their cellphone and just about everyone has a smart phone nowadays. We can still coordinate our efforts in real time and plan appropriate tactics as needed so the challenge and team work components are there. There’s no need to be in front of a computer at a set time throughout the week. There’s no need to stress over consumables, or garrison missions, or any of that stuff. The individual effort required for general maintenance is much less. It allows our roster the flexibility they need to plan their involvement in the game around unforeseeable life events like traffic accidents, medical emergencies, and not doing homework until the last possible minute.

Plus, Liam Neeson plays.”

We look forward to joining the community and competing in Clash of Clans.

Magickarp Matt will still lose if its pay to win. See is Hearthstone account! ...
Polygasms Is this pay to win?
mizuwari well, we had a good run in wow. time to ride the coc now though! wait...