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14/14H!!!! Hey Garry Glitter're dead...WTG Conquest!
Light The Fuse! ......12/14H Siegecrafter Blackfuse takes a dirt nap!
13/14H - Paragons? more like Para - GONE
Leadership opportunities are also available! Please speak with GM Matt for additional details.
Conquest News & Updates

GM Matticus achieves Alliance first for Ner'zhul. Whew! Time to take a nap!

We're still currently recruiting all classes and roles for Mythic content! Apply today! 
Killed it last week Thursday. Whoo hoo! We finish off the expansion pre-patch at a respectable 13/14H. Bring on Warlords! We're still recruiting for our Mythic team! 

The Plan Going Forward

Matticus a posted Sep 20, 14
We're entering the final stages of Mists of Pandaria. Patch 6.0.2 is expected to drop sometime within the next month along with Warlords of Draenor shortly thereafter. Here is a quick overview of our plans for the rest of this expansion and for the opening stages of the next.

Current plans

With Blackfuse falling to us last week, we're well within range to take down Paragons. Garrosh is going to be a much more challenging boss especially since the amount of time we have left will be extremely limited. As long as it is feasible, we will continually extend the lockout until Garrosh is dead

Patch 6.0.2

When the patch releases, heroic raids will be limited to 20 players. The guild as a whole will continue to participate in Siege of Orgrimmar and either attempt to take Garrosh down for the first time or take him down so that others who did not participate in the initial kill can gain the rewards that come with it. 

At this stage, all members of the raid team will be interviewed to discuss their future in the guild. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the expansion and the roster limitations, our roster will look different going forward. 

Warlords of Draenor release

You are expected to level your main as quick as possible to max level and begin preparing for raids:

  • Challenge modes
  • Heroic dungeons
  • Crafted gear
  • Garrison development
  • Other avenues of character progression
Enchant and gem your own characters as the guild may not be able to assist you in that regard. 

In addition, while having an alt is not mandatory, it is strongly preferred. Group compositions will often change. Certain classes and specs will change throughout the course of the expansion and flexibility will help. 

Warlords of Draenor raid release

Prior to the raid going live, each player will be examined to ensure that they are raid ready. Our initial schedule will be as follows:

  • Tuesday: 6 - 10 PM Pacific, Heroic raiding
  • Wednesday: 6 - 10 PM Pacific, Heroic raiding
  • Thursday: 6 - 10 PM Pacific, Heroic raiding
  • Saturday (Optional): 6 PM - 9 PM*, Normal raiding
  • Sunday (Optional): 6 PM - 9 PM*, Normal raiding
* = Times to be finalized at a later date. 

You may bring your main or an alt to the weekend raids to further increase their gear level or practice any progression related mechanics. 

Or because you want to.

Magickarp has volunteered to coordinate the weekend raids with interested guildies and an assortment of players from Open Raid or off server.

Once we are equipped for Mythic raiding, we will begin our efforts with Mythic during Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday will be a judgement call. If we feel we are being held back by gear, then we will spend a day here and get as far as we can in Heroic mode. If need more practice, we will continue in Mythic. The weekend raid will be finished with Normal and advancing to Heroic (assuming there is enough of a core and stable group consistently available). 

Feel free to come to me if you have any questions. 
Challenge Modes will be returning in Warlords of Draenor. They'll be available immediately for launch and as the daily quests reward a Challenger's Strongbox (Raid Finder level epics), we will be doing as many of these as we can to suitably gear out the raid team for Warlords when raiding goes live.


Alame Deathwing Hatchling? Does he scream "I AM POWER INCARNATE" in a squeaky voice when you call him out?
Congratulations to the team and a special thanks to everyone involved with the attempts and progression. We managed to break through one of the harder bosses in the instance. 

Onwards to Paragons next!