CGL - Friday Night League

Matticus a posted Jul 27, 12
Edit: We're currently at 6 teams who have signed up. I'll extend time for an extra day for additional registrations. 

Welcome to the Conquest Gaming League. While the league was designed specifically for the players in Conquest Gaming, anyone is welcome to join and compete in any of the divisions. 

General Information

Game: League of Legends
Map: Summoner's Rift (Summer)
Format: 5v5, Tournament Draft
Duration: 6 weeks, 1 match per week
Roster size: 5 - 7 players will be used to organize round robin play and ensuing playoff rounds.


July 27: Registration for inaugural season opens.
July 31: Registration closes.
August 3: Week 1 begins.
August 17: Week 3 begins. Rosters are locked for the rest of the season including playoffs. 
September 7: Week 6. Final matches are played. Any makeup matches must be resolved in the final week.
September 14: Playoffs begin. Further dates unknown until team registration finishes.

Certain select matches may be shoutcasted. 
Sweetaru Matti-ques.