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11/14H - Thok Block has been conquered!
9/14H Now with added tank trinkets!
Leadership opportunities are also available! Please speak with GM Matt for additional details.
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Alternatively, here is a reason why you shouldn't join Conquest Gaming. You might find yourself subjected to ... this. 
foxtrot7 Could we pleeeease have him sing that in mumble during Spoils wipes? I want to see we can make Matt spontaneously combus ...
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Our current needs are as follows:

  • Any healer class
  • Warlocks
  • Retribution Paladins
  • Balance Druids

We're looking for the above classes to help make an immediate impact in Siege of Orgrimmar. Heroic experience is preferred along with the necessary gear levels to make it worthwhile.

Along those lines, we're looking further ahead into Warlords of Draenor. If you feel that you're not in any condition to raid competitively within the current tier but wish to join the guild in the hopes of making the Warlords of Draenor raid roster, you're still welcome to apply. Recruitment is open for Warlords of Draenor. 

Since many of you have asked about how we plan to fit in both Heroic and Mythic level raiding in Warlords, I've decided to put together a little something here. Please do not take it as gospel or as final because decisions do change.

We are going to assume a number of things:

  • Raid times do not change
  • The lockouts for Heroic and Mythic remain separate
  • Our primary goal is that of Mythic content
  • Ability to teleport to specific bosses remains in the game

One of the main goals of the organization is progression raiding. That means on any given night, there has to be something we do that gets us further towards our goal. Doing Heroic content on week 1 helps provide us with the gear and tools we need to enter Mythic. Doing that same Heroic content 5 months later would not be as effective due to irrelevant loot. You obtaining gear via Garrisons helps you improve your character which helps the raid. Likewise be it via crafting, Heroic dungeons, Flex normal, or what have you.

We'll assume the raid tier lasts 4 months (Quarter 1, Q2, Q3, and Q4 each representing one month).

Option 1: Heroic raids only

I suspect we'll be doing this for the first week or three mostly. That means we're focusing exclusively on the bosses at the Heroic level until we completely clear it out. We don't attempt Mythic at all until we're done.

Option 2: Mythic raids only

Equivalent to smashing your dick over and over against a wall. It's not fun. It's going to suck. We probably will not reach this stage until Q3 at latest and until there is almost nothing left from Heroic we need.

Option 3: Heavy Heroic

(Note: The term heavy comes from craps. If I place a 5 dollar bet on the hard 6, hard 8, heavy on the 8, the stick man knows to put 2 dollars on the 6 and 3 dollars on the 8. The bet on the 8 is "heavier" than the 6.)

Two days on heroic, one day on Mythic. We can open with our day 1 and day 2 on Heroic, with day 3 on Mythic. Or we can alternate to day 1 Mythic, and days 2 and 3 on Heroic. This will serve as a graduated transition from Heroic to Mythic. We can transition to this schedule during Q2.

Option 4: Heavy Mythic

As we become more experienced and geared, we will begin clearing through Heroic content quicker. It should become easier and not as much of a problem. We might even be able to clear out the whole instance within one evening (at least, that's my dream). Two days of Mythic, one day of Heroic. Like option 3, we can alternate the days around. If we don't hit this towards the end of Q2, we should be here within Q3.

Our raid activities will be dynamic based on things like difficulty, attendance, current roster, and so forth. These are the main four combinations of raiding we'll do throughout the week.

Next week, we'll look at the levelling process and my expectations tempered with the reality.


Gneisha I like it ...
Matticus a Could not find a picture of a watercooler. Substituted American Beer instead.

2 Vials 1 Malk

Killa a posted Apr 3, 14
{Written by fushi}

Every week since September 24th, Killa has been rolling coins on Malkorok. In the 19 weeks we've been killing him on normal, exactly one trinket has dropped. But this week, oh this week. This week we killed Malkorok on heroic.


2 Vials 1 Malk...

<H Nazgrim had no write up but F that guy in the A as well, hes dead>
Anthropologists today located a cache of ancient scrolls and poorly-bound books describing the final hours of a previously unknown battle which took place in some time around 41 KC during the infamous Siege of Orgrimmar. While it isn't completely clear where most of the fighting took place, key research figures are in agreement that the bulk of the documents describe two distinct areas which may be found in the ruins of the Valley of Strength.

It appears that the forgotten warriors laying siege to the city had a number of legions sent up the largest hill in order to drive a wedge between two generals of the defending army. When this reporter questioned why such a maneuver would be used, a senior researcher (who asked not to be identified) shrugged and suggested that "perhaps that's just the way these ancient tacticians went about things."

He then went on to describe how a second (yet equally sizeable force) was used in a highly irregular fashion by hiding amongst the scattered buildings and using various types of ranged weaponry to slowly wear the enemy's commander down. It's unclear why the Orgrimmarian general didn't deal with the insurgents via the time honored tradition of "killing the ones in dresses" first, but according to historical reports he definitely spent the majority of the battle tracking a single well-armored invader through the city while ignoring the obvious threat.

One odd detail that the Center for Orgrimmarian Antiquity was hesitant to release is that the invading army had a particular dislike for the native dogs. Of course, this explains the curious mass graves that were found earlier this year and makes one wonder whether the majority of members in the early civilization known as the Alliance hated animals as much as these brutal records suggest.

Also of note: amongst the cache was found an emblem reading "CQG." The significance of the letters remains a topic of debate.
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