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This is where Heroic Ko'ragh once stood..I promise...
The Spore is No More
Heroic Tectus - Rock is now rolling
Leadership opportunities are also available! Please speak with GM Matt for additional details.
Conquest News & Updates

Latest: 6/7 Heroic!

Matticus a posted Wed at 18:07
Heroic: 6/7
Normal: 7/7

We currently are looking to recruit strong DPS players (with healer offspecs a bonus).

  • Shadow Priest
  • Ret Paladins
  • Enhancement Shaman

We prefer players who can exceed 20000 DPS on Butcher. Apply here if you feel you qualify! Please be ilevel 640 or higher.

Highmaul Week 1 Recap!

Matticus a posted Dec 5, 14
Heroic: 1/7
Normal: 6/7

We currently are looking to recruit strong DPS players (with healer offspecs a bonus).
  • Feral or Balance Druids
  • Ret Paladins
  • Gladiator Warriors
  • Rogues
  • DPS Monks
  • Hunters
We prefer players who can exceed 19000 DPS on Butcher. Apply here if you feel you qualify!


Link to Google Docs. The spreadsheet auto draws information from the Armory. Returning raiders, if you wish to raid again and your name isn't on the list, please speak to myself or one of the officers immediately. Conquest is still in the market for DPS players and healers (bonus if you are able to play both fluently).

Raiding requirements

Gear level: 630+
Proving Grounds: Silver in your intended role(s), Gold if you want to be a badass.
Legendary Ring: 680 version
Augments: All prismatic sockets filled, all enchants applied. Doesn't need to be the best enchant available. Just have it enchanted.
Required addons: Angry Assignments, DBM or Bigwigs or that other voice encounters mod thing. Raeli's Spell Announcer is a plus. 
Best in slot list: Should be posted in the Highmaul loot forums. See the template.
Consumables: 5 Flasks, at least 40 potions for your role per raid. 75 stat food will be covered. If you want to supply your own 100 stat foods, you may.

Please note that simply meeting the requirements does not guarantee you a position in the raid. It just means you're eligible. Mythic requirements will be much more demanding and will be based on additional factors. Both normal and heroic mode difficulties scale with the number of players in the raid. If you are determined to be underperforming you will be asked to sit. We will be using Warcraft Logs for the upcoming tier with regards to analysis and other related metrics.


Get your potions and flasks done before raid. The best time to do it as after raid when everyone's on downtime. You are expected to supply your own potions and flasks. The guild may be able to provide some but we will not be able to do it indefinitely. You all have your own herb gardens. Fiona can control and isolate for the herb you need for your specialization.


Schedule will be adjusted based upon overall guild progression. Expectation is to clear Highmaul before Christmas. 

We are transitioning to a new raid schedule:Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday -- 6 PM Pacific to 10 PM Pacific.

  • November 25: Organized Character Progression (Heroics, challenge modes, Apexis farming, etc)
  • November 26: Organized Character Progression (Heroics, challenge modes, Apexis farming, etc)
  • November 27: Thanksgiving Day
  • December 2: Heroic Highmaul
  • December 3: Heroic Highmaul
  • December 4: Heroic Highmaul
  • December 9: Heroic Highmaul
  • December 10: Heroic Highmaul
  • December 11: Heroic Highmaul
  • December 16: Heroic Highmaul
  • December 17: Heroic Highmaul
  • December 18: Heroic Highmaul
  • December 12: Heroic Highmaul
  • December 24: Christmas Eve
  • December 25: Christmas Day
  • December 30: Heroic Highmaul
  • December 31: New Year's Eve
  • January 1: New Year's Day
mizuwari I want to reiterate that you guys should be farming a ton of shit up in preparation for raiding. When Dec 2 hits the au ...

GM Matticus achieves Alliance first for Ner'zhul. Whew! Time to take a nap!

We're still currently recruiting all classes and roles for Mythic content! Apply today! 
Killed it last week Thursday. Whoo hoo! We finish off the expansion pre-patch at a respectable 13/14H. Bring on Warlords! We're still recruiting for our Mythic team!